Alignment and Proper Form Versus Speed

For better wellness, consider improving your daily habits. Some styles of exercise emphasize speed over proper form. The purpose of speed is to raise your heart rate for cardio fitness. Is there a benefit to this approach? Yes, medical professionals agree that raising your heart rate during exercise is an important part of staying healthy — and at the same time — you are strengthening your muscles. Thus, it seems that your time is being maximized … or is it? Are your muscles really getting benefit? Exercising without proper form is not optimal for your muscles. Wouldn’t it be better to use proper form getting maximum benefits for your muscles?

Yoga is one modality that emphasizes proper form and alignment. Science has also documented a cardio benefit from using yoga. In fact, yoga has multiple benefits: (1) cardio, (2) strengthening the muscles, (3) stretching and (4) proper alignment. Practicing yoga gives one maximum health benefits all in the same timeframe, but, all yoga styles are not equal.

ADVANTAGE: “Find a yoga teacher that emphasizes alignment and proper form and will give you personal attention in order to get the maximum health benefit.”

Alignment and Proper Form Versus Speed

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