5-Tips for “Fall Prevention Awareness Week” Help Families Avoid Life Disruption

3-leaf-falling-graphicDo you have a senior in your family? According to the CDC, 2.5 million seniors are treated in an emergency room for fall-related injuries every year. That’s one-in-three people over the age of 65 that annually experiences a fall. And the impact doesn’t end with the hospital Emergency Room’s treatment:

* 250,000 of the injuries will be hip fractures involving long term care;
* Currently, the estimated cost for falls and related injuries is $34 billion annually;
* Sadly, 25,000 fall victims will have incurred traumatic brain injuries ending their lives.

For the seniors and their loved-ones who have already experienced the life-altering impact of falling … the preceding statistics are not shocking.

Even after healing, each fall experience has the potential to limit a victim’s independence and disrupt the lives of each senior’s personal support network. Those impacted may include spouse, caregivers, children, children’s co-workers, close friends, neighbors, and so on.

The above scenarios are in part why “Fall Prevention Awareness Week 2016,” is being nationally recognized this month from September 22nd-28th. Awareness draws attention to this hugely important topic.

That being said, what are the five Tips about steps that one may take to help prevent falling? I will share five practices that every senior should adopt as part of their personal defenses against falling.
As encouragement, following is just one of the set of five Tips to come. Here’s a preview about what to expect:

1. “Mindfulness” needs to be Priority #1 because one cannot take care about their movement if preoccupied about any other of life’s pursuits. Seniors must learn to live in the moment. Their thoughts must be focused on the NOW and the NEXT MOVEMENT. There cannot be mindshare occupied by other thoughts. Here are some examples … (more next Blog update).

Check back to my Blog to learn all of these five essential tips that will be presented over my next “4” Blog installments. However, if you have an immediate need, I can be reached at 973-476-8661 or by email at ThreeLeafYoga@gmail.com.

5-Tips for “Fall Prevention Awareness Week” Help Families Avoid Life Disruption

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