About Three Leaf Yoga

Our Story

About 15 years ago, Three Leaf Yoga founder Linda Wheeler suffered two serious falls that severely restricted her mobility. They also sapped her spirit and left her feeling hopeless. After a medical doctor recommended yoga, Linda reluctantly attended her first class. Yoga completely changed her outlook. Over time, Linda regained her mobility, strength and flexibility. She regained her energy and positive emotional outlook. She regained a sense of mental clarity. She enjoyed life again.

Linda soon became a strong advocate of yoga as a self-improvement tool. She began taking classes to become a certified instructor and has spent the last 15 years studying various types of yoga and healing methods. In addition to offering private and small group yoga and balance classes, Linda is a sought-after speaker, especially for groups that cater to seniors, and for those looking to improve their health, wellness, balance and mobility.

Linda’s training and certifications include:

  • Registered yoga teacher (RYT)
  • 200-hour yoga teaching certificate which is approved by the Yoga Alliance
  • Certified in trauma, addiction and PTSD for yoga
  • Certified in cardiac, Parkinsons and MS for yoga
  • Certified in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra
  • Matter of Balance and Project Healthy Bones (osteoporosis) certified
  • NETA-certified in adult fitness specializing in balance
  • Studies in Iyengar, Kripalu, Bikram, per-natal and alignment-based yoga
  • Certified in CPR, AED and First Aid by the American Red Cross
certified yoga instructor

What Does Three Leaf Yoga Mean?

linda wheeler three leaf yogaLinda chose the Three Leaf Yoga name and design because they represent everything that yoga means to her. The number three has a multi-layered meaning. Not only does it represent mobility, flexibility and strength, but it closely resembles the symbol of the sacred Om. Om symbolizes three stages of time – the past, present and future – as well as the three divine powers – an individual’s creation, preservation and transformation. While the leaf itself transforms each season, sprouting leaves symbolize positive change and successful outcomes. The color green represents the hope, opportunities and encouragement that inspire and motivate.

Let Three Leaf Yoga guide and inspire you through the seasons of your life.