Yoga Classes Testimonials

edits-9436Linda Wheeler has helped students of all ages reach not only their yoga goals, but their overall health goals. See some testimonials below from real-life students whom Linda has helped. Testimonials range from first-time “yogis” who fell in love with the art — to those who have suffered from injuries and could barely move before taking Linda’s yoga classes.


“I really appreciate your “BALANCE” class. I schedule all my other appointments around the day of your class. My walking and my balance have really been better.”
“All seniors should attend our balance class. The movements are beneficial for the entire body – for posture, for balance and to help prevent falls. Plus, we have fun.”
“It feels great to be inspired to move all these old joints and keep them limber.”
“My sincere thanks to you, Linda, for helping me to improve my balance.”
“After one session with Linda, my hand functions better and my shoulder has more range of motion.”
“Thanks Linda for introducing me to Yoga. I Have learned so much at your classes, especially the importance of stretching, balance and posture. You have been a great inspiration to our class and a terrific instructor. Thanks again!”
“I’m getting a lot out of the yoga classes led by Linda. She is an excellent leader and gives us a lot of helpful information. My body is beginning to feel more flexible and I’m learning the benefits of proper... Read More